About us

We will support companies and global human resources.

Internship Kansai foundation is hoping to contribute to the society by building bridges between foreign human resources who wish to find a job or internship in Japan (mainly Kansai area) and Japanese companies that are looking for global human resources while cooperating with educational institutions from within and outside the country and having purpose in mutually supporting both the companies and human resources.

In separating from the home country, finding jobs or internships in a distant foreign land, there will certainly be a language barrier and usually confusion in traditional and cultural differences.

Similar to Japanese companies,To seeking out foreign human resources who are overflowing with motivations to study and work in Japan, there must be many kinds of puzzlement.

We will promote globalization.

If both the companies and foreign human resources work together hand in hand, focusing on the chronic human resource shortages accompanied by a declining birthrate and aging population in Japan and on a big worldwide change called globalization, we will definitely be able to overcome the possible coming difficulties and be connected to further social development. Along with everybody, through Internship Kansai, we have passed over the walls of race and values and aim at implementing globalization by its true meaning.


At Internship Kansai, by registering for MyScoutAgent for Internship, we support scouts from companies aimed at students. Students can easily get the opportunity to work in Japan by being scouted. We also regularly hold matching events with companies and registered students. Through the event, students will have the opportunity to build a network with fellow students and companies.

My Scout Agent

My Scout Agent is a hassle-free support service for anyone seeking to work in Japan.

In a foreign country with different cultural practices, it is not always easy to find a job in Japan. With MyScoutAgent, an “Agent” will act on behalf of these problems and search for a job that is most suitable for you.

Complete anonymity.

My Scout Agent won’t publish personally identifiable information to any third party (Your name, e-mail address, your resume, etc.). When a job offer found, you will receive a "Scout Mail" sent directly to you. Just by registering as a member, you can receive job offers without having to do “job hunting” activities in Japan. Of course, support such as interviews is also backed up by agents for recruitment. Membership registration and the use of the service are completely free.

The best opportunity for career advancement.

Many companies have open positions that have not been publicly announced. If you are registered, you won’t miss urgent hires and unpublished job opportunities.

Approximately 34'000 account registrations have already used.

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Noha Afifi

Noha is from Alexandria, Egypt and is currently a student at Kansai University. She joined Internship Kansai as an intern and helps out with organizing and preparation for Internship Kansai events. As she is able to speak both English and Arabic, she helps with translation and interpretation as well.